Long Island Family Portrait Photography Sessions

Children are curious, spontaneous, silly, energetic, and above all, completely unpredictable. So how do you plan a formal Long Island family portrait photography session with a rambunctious two-year-old? First, scrap the 'formal' part. Let go of any expectations of cooperation and think more along the lines of (loosely) controlled chaos. But don’t worry – I've got it all under control! Above all, I expect your Long Island family portrait session to be laid-back and fun. Don't think of it as "picture day" as this will only result in unnecessary stress (for both you and your children)! Children are encouraged to run around and play and jump on the bed. Ya know, be a kid. My goal is to capture connections, spontaneous expressions, and natural smiles. The results are the most genuine when the children are able to forget that the camera is even there.

Scheduling and Timing Of Your Long Island family Portrait Session

Availability is limited and family portrait sessions are often booked several weeks in advance (with weekend dates filling up the fastest). If you would like a weekend date, I strongly suggest that you book this date at your earliest convenience.   

Sessions generally last between 1 1/2 -2 hours. Family portrait session times vary depending on the session type, the location, and the time of year. I always try to work around your children's schedule, factoring in naptimes, mealtimes, etc. - the happier the child the better the pictures - but for optimal lighting conditions I would suggest adhering to the following guidelines:

For outdoor family portraits, very early morning (beginning around 9:00 a.m.) or late afternoon/early evening (up to an hour before sunset) is best. For in-home family portraits, mid-morning and early afternoon works best


All Long island family portrait sessions are conducted at the outdoor location of our choice, anywhere on Long Island. This may be at your home (provided that your yard offers adequate open shade), or an outdoor location such as a favorite park or the beach. If I am familiar with your area I may also be able to offer some suggestions. I am also open to incorporating multiple locations into a session, so if you live close to a park or would simply like to take a stroll through the neighborhood during our session, I'd love to come along. 


Clothing is a personal choice, but I strongly suggest that children should be dressed comfortably. Formal wear is not a good idea unless you want portraits of fidgety, unhappy kids! My Long island family photography style is casual - think bare feet, sundresses, jeans and T's. The simpler the better. I recommend avoiding patterns, logos, cartoon characters and heavy prints. They can be distracting in a photograph.  However, I want you to have some fun with your clothing choices: Funky hats, princess dresses, bright colors, rain boots. If your daughter insists on dressing herself, let her! These are the moments that I love to capture. 

If we are working at your home I will be happy to help you with your choices. For location shoots I suggest that you bring several clothing choices. Clothing changes are also optional but recommended. book your Long island family portrait session today by calling (516) 833-2400 and I will answer any additional questions you might have.