Newborn Session


Long Island Newborn Photography Session information

I know you have all heard the saying “they are only little once”. Well I feel that there is such a short window of time to capture all of the delicate details and features of your newborn. No one wants to miss a single second of quality time and memories with their children as they grow. This special detailed session will allow you to start capturing the heart of your infant from the very beginning.


To assure the most stress-free Long Island newborn photograhy session, upon scheduling, you'll recieve a preperations email full of simple easy tips to help you get the most out of your newborn photography shoot.

Important things you need to know prior to your Long Island Newborn Photography session:

  • Newborns are best photographed between 5 to 14 days old.
  • We will schedule a tentative date for the week after your due date. We will adjust the date/time as needed. Please put me on your call list. It is important that we get the baby in under two weeks of age, most around one week. At this age, newborns tend to be heavy sleepers aiding in the posing process. Posing is the most time consuming part of your Long Island newborn photography session and getting your baby ready for a session as soon as possible is a good way to help minimize the length of your session. I understand bringing a newborn home can be an exhausting time (I’ve done it two times !) but you want to capture what they really look like very early on … they change so quickly that you will be glad you did !
  • The little angels are most content with full bellies so please try to feed approximately 30 minutes prior to the session. Also, try keeping them awake for an hour or two prior to the Long Island newborn photography session if possible to help insure their sleepiness during the shoot.
  • A heater will be provided to keep baby toasty and sleepy while naked. So dress lightly.
  • The length of a Long Island newborn photography session really depends on the baby. Generally the session will last approximately 3-4 hours as we take all necessary break for feedings and crying. I know this seems long but it goes really fast, I promise. I take a relaxed approach to photographing your baby, spending as much time as necessary to get the desired shots.  
  • I have plenty of props including hats and headbands but feel free to have on hand any special blankets or knitted hats from grandma. If you would like to pick out any of your own props is a fantastic site to consider.
  • I find it helpful if when I arrive baby is swaddled in a blanket with only a diaper.  This way the baby will not be disturbed during undressing and we can get started right away. Call today to speak with Kristen about your Long Island newborn photography session!